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I am a new traveling fool. I've been a corporate travel junkie for one too many sales quarters and am ready to spend my hard earned cash... I'm taking a "sabbatical" for a while and hitting the road to travel. The trip should take me to six out of the seven continents if I don't run out of cash early.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

injury update

Greetings from Sunny & Clear Palatine Illinois!  Ugh, yeah right!?  I cannot explain the seasonal affective disorder I'm experiencing right now! I'm in Chicago a month too early!  April is still a rainy, cold and gray time of year. 

I had a doctors appointment yesterday with Dr. Matthew Jimenez.  He took a few more X-Rays (digital! OOoooo I'm in the big leagues now!). 

The long and short story is that I did in fact separate my shoulder. I have a grade II AC shoulder separation.  He told me my X-ray is textbook Grade II.  It is non-operative and that I need three to six weeks of rest and rehab before I'm back to 100%.  The weird thing about the injury is that I'm going to have a bump on one of my shoulders for the rest of my life!? How strange is that? 

I headed over to a PT place in town today and setup my first consult.  Hopefully I'll be working with them by the middle of next week and will be on my road to recovery. 

Three to six weeks keeps me from my Nepal + India trips.  Paul will have to carry on without me and this really bums me out.  Thankfully that does keep me within the window to meet back up with Paul for our Africa adventure.  We start this adventure on May 28th. 

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I'll update with a few adventures and thoughts from being back in the US.  Thus far a few conversations I've been having have surprised me... its interesting how my political thought process seems to be growing as I reflect upon what I experienced thus far on my trip. 

Thank you to everyone who has been sending well wishes my way.  I really appreciate the support and smiles.  Its amazing how wonderful your friends can be when they know you're down on your luck. I only hope I can return the smiles and favors over the years ahead. 

Even from far away Paul is hooking me up. He got me a shoulder cold water therapy pad so I can ice my shoulder easily while rehabbing.  Thanks Paulie!